Life’s Curve Balls

Bodhi_boo booAkk! Just yesterday I was writing a post about how one of my new year’s resolutions for 2016 is to live life more openly, being ready for wherever life takes me, learning to surf the waves of life calmly, yadda yadda yadda. And then comes this afternoon where I had to curse my words and wonder why the universe was out to get me.  Most of today was nothing special but then within ten minutes life takes a curve and adrenaline overpowers whatever calm I had been feeling. It’s like in the cartoon soundtrack of your life, suddenly there is that sound of the record scratching…I was on the couch with Bodhi, sitting down with my lunch and finally getting down to writing my New Year’s cards (a.k.a. late Christmas cards because I’ve been down and out with this cold all week) and having lunch. Pretty boring lunch. Hummus on an english muffin and some chips. Suddenly my tongue realized that where I once had a tooth I did not have one anymore. What? Akkk! I ran to the bathroom mirror to confirm my tongue’s impression …yes, a big part of my back molar was missing. Not good, but life got even weirder when  I went back to the couch and there was blood all over the couch. What!! At first I though it was my missing tooth but that seemed rather dramatic.I didn’t remember spurting blood all over the couch and my memory is not that bad! And there was Bodhi with a bloody toe. A bloody toe doesn’t sound like it should be all that big a deal  but there was a lot of blood and a shaking and wimpering puppy who also didn’t seem to know what had happened. The best I can piece together after the fact is that he had snagged and pulled out his little toe nail while body slamming the door to greet the mailman while I was in the bathroom– his “mailman greetings” (a.k.a. crazed barking and running between the door  and the window) are a daily occurrence but usually don’t lead to blood on the couch. Akk! So now I’ve got both a dental emergency and a bloody puppy. Of course, the puppy won out. What would any good doggy-Mom do! I called the vet but as soon as the receptionist picked up she promptly told me that I was third in line and they were putting me on hold. Click and on comes the muzak. After five minutes on hold (which seemed like five hours), all while trying to clean up Bodhi and put a bandage on his toe while he was shaking and scared, I gave up on waiting, bundled up Bodhi and his bloody toe in a towel and high tailed it in the car to the vet. They were nice enough to see him right away and put on a big blue bandage and some ointment (to the tune of $150) and said to keep him off his foot for a few days while the nail bed heals. Bodhi’s sleeping off the afternoon adventure, hopping around pretty well on three feet, and lapping up the extra attention from me. The adrenalin rush of the afternoon wiped me out too. Oh, and in case you wondered about my tooth—I decided an emergency vet visit was enough family drama for one weekend. I’ll see about getting the tooth fixed Monday when the dentist is open again and I am calmed down enough for the next adventure.

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