Coming up roses

IMG_3048Berkeley is awash in flowers right now and in particular, the roses are just spectacular this year. Thank you, rain! On my walks with Bodhi, I’ve been taking photos and of course, stopping to smell the roses too! I really love my neighborhood and this time of year, with the gardens in bloom, sunny skies and the smell of roses and blooming jasmine in the air, it’s just beyond idyllic. I’m feeling very lucky to live there. My own rose bushes are doing pretty well, but honestly, they don’t compare to some of the loveliest specimens around the neighborhood. I’m finding myself a bit envious. I’m not a person who is prone to envy about most things, except when it comes to gardens! Well, enough said—see for yourself. I so wish some tech genius had invented smell-o-vision or some way of allowing you to smell through the computer—you really have to smell some of these roses to get the full effect!

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