Rainy Day Sunday

puddle jumpingI had a super fun rainy day Sunday with my friend Victoria and her two cutie kids—Eleanor and Sebastian. We went to Habitot Children’s Museum in Berkeley, which I hadn’t been to before but had heard a lot about from other friends. Of course, on a day like today, it seemed like every family in Berkeley had a similar idea and the scene was tot-madness. We had a blast playing on the climbing the Wiggle Wall, driving the ambulance and doing some “grocery shopping.”Who knew that grocery shopping could be such fun! The highlight of the morning, for me at least, was when Sebastian bumped himself and instead of running to Mom, jumped in my arms for soothing. LOVE. I’m sure he didn’t know it, but boy, did that make me feel special. Like winning the special Auntie Oscars! After Habitot we had burgers and fries. Fries with mustard no less—these are sophisticated kids! And then splashed through some puddles before heading home for naps. Eleanor and Sebastian are the sweetest kids and I love them to pieces. And by the way, their parents are pretty awesome too (that’s a shout out for you, Victoria and Luis!).  But two little ones wear you out, so I was also glad to head home and spend the rest of the afternoon curled up on the couch with Bodhi finishing off my book for book club this week. A perfect rainy day Sunday!

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