Christmas Countdown

Stork ornament 2015I love Christmas. It’s a magical holiday, especially with kids. Over the last few years Christmas has been  bittersweet. I have so many happy childhood memories around Christmas and I love the traditions, but I also miss my parents so much this time of year. It’s  been hard too to be in this “baby-maybe” waiting space, during the holidays, when there is so much attention on family and kids. The last few years, Christmas was fairly low key but this year, I decided not to hold back and instead just let the Christmas spirit move me and boy did it! I’ve had so much fun the last few weeks. The best part was sharing the holidays with so many wonderful friends and reminding myself that family is a bigger than your biological family.

Highlights of my December included: making Advent calendars for Keira and Aidan. Scouting out gifts for the toys for tots drive at my office. Buying my tree from the guys at Delancey Street foundation—they are so nice and really feels good that the cost of the tree is going to a good cause. Decorating my “bird tree” and adding new ornaments from my travels this year, which brings back memory of fun trips this year. A weekend cookie bake-a-thon and decorating an army of gingerbread men. Walks in the neighborhood with Bodhi to check out the lights and decorations and putting up lights and decorations on my own house—we’re not quite at the level of some of my neighbors, but maybe next year! Paper-whites all over the house and the house smelling of Christmas. Hosting a Christmas party at my house and the chance to celebrate with friends. Visiting the Tilden Park merry-go-round all lit up for Christmas;   holiday beer brewing with Judy and Phil. Christmas shopping downtown and checking out the big tree and skating rink at Union Square. An end of the year celebratory blowout dinner in Boston with my work buddies. Festive dinners with various friends and a chance to remember fun times from the past year. And best of all, anticipating a first Christmas with my new nephew Otto, who just turned six months old!  I feel truly blessed with my life and all the people in it.

Although I feel like I’ve already gotten everything I had on my Christmas wish list, there is still one thing on my Dear Santa list—a baby to love. Santa, if you’re listening, maybe you can get together with Mr. Stork and make a Christmas delivery. I’m ready and waiting!

Happy holidays, everyone!  Thanks for being a part of my life and making this year a great year!





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