Two sweet peas

Eleanor and Sophia Dec 2015I was lucky during a recent work trip to Boston to be able to visit with my lovely friends Julia and Marc and their adorable daughters, Eleanor and Sophia. My how they’ve grown and how their personalities have developed since I last saw them in August! Eleanor is a bundle of energy and mischief and already loves her gadgets. Sophia is a Buddha baby, so zen and mellow. Two peas in a pod but each her own personality. And its been amazing to see Julia and Marc become such wonderful parents.  I always knew they’d be great parents. Some have asked me whether it’s tough to see friends and others become parents and have babies and families while I am still in waiting limbo for a baby of my own. I wondered how this would be too but to be honest, it hasn’t been hard. Don’t get me wrong—yes, the waiting is hard, very hard, but this hasn’t stopped me from reveling in the excitement of friends’ new babies. I am so happy for Julia and Marc (and for other friends too) as they’ve grown their families. I don’t feel like their happiness limits mine. I’ve loved watching friends dive into parenthood and getting to know their kids. I know my baby is out there, somewhere, and I feel blessed that he or she will have so many playmates to grow up with, not to mention the hand-me-down baby gear I’m hoping for. Plus its great to be an Auntie and spoil these cuties rotten as only an Auntie can!

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