Rainy day (not so) blues

Rainy day Bodhi 2In other parts of the country, a rainy day might be cause for sadness. Here in California, where we’ve been in a drought for the last four years, rainy days are days for celebration!That is, except if you are Bodhi. My Bodhi is a drought dog. He was born during the drought and he really does not know what to make of rain. He stubbornly refuses to go out in the rain, or for that matter even to go out when there’s a little mist or the ground is wet.Bodhi in slicker Umbrellas make him nervous. We’ve had a few rainy days this past year, but nothing that he couldn’t wait out. But that may all need to change this winter as they are predicting an El Niño year with big rainstorms. To prepare, I bought Bodhi his own raincoat. Even that seems not to have swayed him…although he sure does look cute in it!

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