Ten things I hope to teach my child

Ten things to teach my child

Ten things to teach my child

During one part of the process for writing and designing my adoption letter, the designer I was working with suggested exercises to stir the creative juices for writing the text for the letter. One was to make a list of the five things you hope to teach your child. I didn’t end up using this for the letter, but was inspired  and came up with ten. To be honest, I’m still learning some of these myself—see #6!

So, here they are…

Ten things I hope to teach my child:

  1. Be curious. Ask questions. Explore the world around you.
  2. Be kind and loving with others.
  3. True friends are rare finds. Cherish them.
  4. Learn to look on the bright side, even when it’s hard to find.
  5. Work hard but have fun too.
  6. Embrace imperfection
  7. Respect yourself and others too.
  8. Be open-minded  and don’t judge.
  9. Be brave—you can do anything.
  10. Above all, be true to yourself

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