What I did this summer: college reunion

In May, over Memorial Day weekend, I went to my 25th college reunion at Brown. I must say that I’m not one usually prone to nostalgia and would probably not have decided to go on my own initiative, but two of my resolutions this year were to be more open to adventure and to reconnect with friends. So, when my friend Beth, suggested we go, I was all in. We stayed in the dorms (which shockingly have not changed much in 25 years) and had a great time going to Campus Dance, catching up with old classmates and walking down College Hill in the graduation processional. I had a nice time walking around Providence, happy to see that some of my old haunts were still there. Brown ReunionBrown has a really lovely tradition of having the reunion classes walk down the hill in advance of the graduating class, so that all the alumni end of lining the path as the graduating students walk to their graduation ceremonies. You really see a gradient of time along the route, from the class celebrating their 70th year reunion (!) to the current fresh-faced class. I didn’t think we looked so bad for 25 years on! In fact, it’s hard for me to believe its been a quarter century. It feels like just yesterday that we were stepping out into the world, newly minted grads. Sure, I feel older and wiser in some ways (at least on good days), but fundamentally I feel not so different from the person I was back then.

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